About Myself

hi! i'm cheyne, i have high functioning autism and i am in my late teens. i'm from australia and i have native australian heritage, i also have other disabilities such as sensory issues, dyspraxia, low self esteem, ADD, and probably more! you can add me on discord as oakhearted#8284 and my FANDOM is Virtualworldoverload

Games I Play

  • Fortnite: oakhearted

  • Animal Jam (primary): Chiwawah

  • Animal Jam (secondary): Sunflowerpixie

  • Animal Jam (tertiary): xtheforgottendesertx

  • Other AJ Accs: virtualworldoverload, oakhearted, cheynes, betaera, rarewear

  • Chicken Smoothie: oakhearted

  • Flight Rising: oakhearted

  • Wajas (main): rainbowmilk

  • Wajas (backup): oakhearted

  • cheyne


  • Xanje: oakhearted

  • Mweor: oakhearted

  • Ovipets: oakhearted

  • Aywas: oakhearted

  • IMVU: Tonkinese

  • Moviestarplanet UK: Cutesylovex2

  • Moviestarplanet AUS: aph

  • Moviestarplanet USA: INN0CENT

  • Moviestarplanet ES: Faithy

  • Other games and stuff i remember I will put here.



I am taking commissions, but it depends on how I feel, i will take any virtual currencies for my art. Examples are here!